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Passengers Stunned At Flight Attendant’s Response To Frazzled Mom And Her Crying Baby

After assisting a mother with her wailing baby, a Southwest flight attendant’s nice deed went viral.


As any parent who has braved the skies with their children can attest, flying with babies is no fun. Not only do you have to keep your child entertained and peaceful during takeoff and landing, but you also have to keep them occupied and quiet so that other passengers aren’t disturbed.

Maybe that’s why so many people were moved by the story of a flight attendant who went above and above to assist a mother in distress during a journey.

Carrie Jaboor was flying from Orlando to Pittsburgh on Southwest Airlines in 2017. Her seat was directly behind a woman and her two little kids, the smallest of whom she judged to be approximately a year old. The one thing the mother was undoubtedly fearing happened around midway through the flight, and her infant became inconsolable.


The baby was having a “really loud wailing fit that wouldn’t stop,” according to a post Jaboor later shared with Love What Matters. The mother’s stress levels were high when a Southwest employee approached her and asked her to accompany him to the back of the plane.

“The mother looked so distraught,” Jaboor later told Scary Mommy, “and it just broke my heart for her because nothing was helping the young girl.”

“I could tell the mother (and myself) believed she was going to get in trouble when the flight attendant asked her to step to the back.” – CARRIE JABOOR

When Jaboor returned her gaze to see what was going on, she was taken aback to discover the flight attendant blowing bubbles at the baby, calming her down as well as the frightened mother. “He was also comforting and handing tissues to the mother, who was crying.” In her article, Jaboor stated, “There are some seriously lovely people in this world.”


“He was blowing bubbles, and I couldn’t believe it. It made me so glad to watch a flight attendant handle a scenario that could have been annoying/disturbing for some folks with love.” – CARRIE JABOOR

The original tweet quickly went viral, with fellow flight attendants and customers vowing to start bringing their own little (TSA-approved) bubble packs on flights to aid with fussy youngsters.

People were so affected by Jaboor’s story about the kind flight attendant that they began sharing their own experiences with personnel who went above and beyond on other flights. One passenger recalled a Southwest aircraft singing “Happy Birthday” to a young child on board by turning on the lights like candles.

Another woman described being on a plane with her crying one-year-old and having an attendant take the baby and walk her up and down the plane with her until she calmed down.


“In this world, there are some very wonderful people.” – JABOOR

“In November, I flew with Southwest for the first time to see my husband’s family,” wrote Taylor Denise Reed in the comments. “I was very worried because our daughter is two,” she added, “and you just don’t want to be the parents with the weeping child while everyone looks at you and quietly judges you.”

“She didn’t cry, thankfully, but she was becoming antsy from having to sit.” One of the male flight attendants stopped by and played and talked with her for 45 minutes. I can’t express how grateful I was.”

“This really melts my heart beyond belief as a fellow SWA flight attendant of 23 years,” Jodi Bloodgood wrote. “We work hard to maintain the Southwest culture alive and thriving that so many of us have grown to know and love.”


You don’t have to be a parent to understand that even the little gesture can make a huge difference in an exhausted parent’s day, which may explain why this tale touched so many people. However, having a pack of crayons or bubbles in your suitcase and breaking them out at a restaurant or on a plane the next time you see a parent suffering might make or break their day.

Even better, if you know a parent with children who hasn’t had much of a break recently, check if you can babysit or drop by with a hot meal or coffee. After all, it is said that it takes a village, and all of the parents affected by this narrative would agree.

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