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Pilot Crashes Into Forest & Gets Impaled By 1-Meter-Long Branch. His Reply? “I Am Groot.”

According to theMirror UK, the man identified as Ivan Krasouski was impaled by a metre long branch through his shoulder, following the crash.

Yup, that’s him with a huge log of wood through his shoulder, posing for a photo. Does this guy have Viking blood in him?!Despite what was possibly the largest splinter in the world, Ivan wasn’t about to let a perfect one-liner moment slip by him. As people arrived on scene and debated pulling out the branch, here’s what this superhuman had to say: “i am groot.”

He was taken to the emergency ward at a local hospital, where a team of doctors worked on getting the trunk out of his muscular frame.

In a video filmed by himself, Ivan speaks of the sequence of events that followed his crashing into the forest:

The way he speaks of the whole experience is just incredulous! What is this guy made off?!

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