Police confirms arrest of Bodega work who stab Customer to Death over Bag of Chips

Police have confirmed the arrest of a bodega worker who allegedly stabbed a Manhattan man to death over a bag of potato chips. The incident was caught on video obtained by New York Post.

In the video carefully monitored by BuzzShade, Jose Alba, 51, was seen stabbing the victim, 37-year-old Austin Simon repeatedly.

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BuzzShade learnt that Simon was taken to Harlem Hospital where he was confirmed dead. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

How Everything Happened

According to reports, Simon came to yet to be identified woman’s defense after she and her child were turned away from the store for not having enough cash for a bag of chips.

The woman then left the store and summoned Simon, who returned to the location and confronted the workers, one of whom was identified by police as Alba.

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Simon yelled at the store worker before shoving him once, and that’s when Alba began the deadly attack.

In the video clip, Alba can be seen stabbing Simon in the neck with a large knife at the start of the altercation, drawing blood immediately as the two tussled about the store.

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The deadly stabbing occurred at a bodega on Broadway and 139th Street around 11 pm Friday night in Uptown Manhattan, according to police.

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According to TheShadeRoom, Police had responded to reports of the assault at the bodega, where they arrested Alba and charged him with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Alba was being held on Rikers Island on $250,000 bail as of Wednesday, and is due back in Manhattan court on Thursday, the Post reports.

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