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Police offer £50,000 to FIND body of missing mother

A £50,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information on the whereabouts of the body of a mother who went missing in 2019.


Hadir Al Enezi, originally from Kuwait, arrived in the UK with her daughter on 7 November 2018, seeking refuge.

She found support from relatives living in Rusholme, according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

After she was reported as missing, detectives started an investigation in 2019.


GMP’s Major Incident Team is currently operating under the assumption she was a victim of deliberate harm, following a targeted attack, likely due to her association with the Bidoon Arab minority.

Detective Chief Inspector Liz Hopkinson, who leads GMP’s Major Incident Team, said: ‘Our plea to locate Hadir Al Enezi is being renewed. It’s crucial that we uncover the truth surrounding her disappearance.

‘Throughout our relentless investigative efforts, we’ve been unable to establish any evidence supporting Hadir’s continued existence.

‘Regrettably, our approach is to proceed with the assumption that she has suffered severe harm and is no longer alive.


‘Our paramount objective is to provide answers for Hadir’s young daughter. We implore anyone who possesses information about her location to come forward to the police. By doing so, we can provide the much-needed answers to her daughter.’

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‘The search for Hadir’s remains persists. If you possess any relevant information, we urge you to urgently share it with GMP.

‘This information could hold the key to delivering closure for her daughter.’


DCI Hopkinson emphasised that the investigation is ongoing, adding that such cases remain open and unresolved.

To facilitate potential leads, a Major Incident Public Portal has been set up so members of the public can provide information, images, or video footage that could contribute to the ongoing enquiries.

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