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Policewoman Dies From Fatal Disease After Thug Spat In Her Face

This is Arina Koltsova, 35, a Ukrainian policewoman. She contracted tuberculosis and passed away after a suspect spit in her face.

At the time, Koltsova didn’t know the man who spit at her had tuberculosis. She collapsed at work a few days after the incident.

She was diagnosed at that point, and her treatments were started.

cop dies from TB
Image Credit: N/A

Tuberculosis, an infectious lung disease, along with her chemotherapy left Koltsova malnourished. This is a selfie she took.

cop dies from TBImage Credit: CEN / Arina Koltsova

Koltsova sadly passed away and was buried in Kiev.

The department where she worked posted a message on social media saying that they had suffered an irreplaceable loss.

cop dies from TBImage Credit: CEN / Arina Koltsova

Koltsova was trying to change things in her country – she wanted things to be better.

Being a police officer was the way she was going to bring out that positive change.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), tuberculosis is treatable with antibiotics.

cop dies from TBImage Credit: CEN / Arina Koltsova

It may take 6 to 12 months to treat it. However, there are some forms of the disease that are resistant to treatments.

Police officers put their lives on the line for us every day.

No one knows whether the man who spit in Koltsova’s face even knew if he had tuberculosis.

cop dies from TBImage Credit: CEN / Arina Koltsova

He may not be charged with her death. Give the police in your area a break.

They are doing a job that most of us wouldn’t even consider doing.

The dangers they face are more than most of us can imagine, and they do it all to keep us safe.

Rest in Peace, Arina.

cop dies from TBImage Credit: N/A

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