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Postal Worker On Duty Spots Two Naked Children Covered In Feces, Makes Horrific Discovery About Mom

Judy Arnold Alexander had an out of the ordinary day as a postal worker on May 13 in Ash Flat Arkansas because she found two girls in the middle of the road.

Neither girl was in good condition, the older girl, age 4, was wearing a filthy nightgown and the younger girl, age 2, was completely naked and covered in feces!

Alexander got the children off the road and started to look around for their mother – who she found passed out in a chair with two smoking pipes nearby.

naked children in feces

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Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts and several deputies arrived after Alexander called for help. The adults used baby wipes to clean off the girls before the Department of Human Services came and took custody.

The mother, Heather Shelton, 29, admitted to having “hit the pipe” several times that morning. Inside the house, there was an infant boy and the officers could all smell the stench coming from inside.

naked children in feces

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DHS searched the home and found two bags of marijuana, eight open bottles of nail polish, and two pipes. The children seemed happy to see the DHS workers and went with them willingly. Sheriff Counts believes the children had been fending for themselves for some time.

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