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Pregnant mother went to visit her dying daughter, she suddenly felt a pain and a ‘ray of hope at a dark time’ occurred!

According to parents Zak and Laure, the brave young girl, Gracie, was first diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and surgery.

Sadly, her parents were told that the tumour was terminal and nothing more could be done to save her. They later discovered that the extremely rare embryonal tumour had been growing since before Gracie was even born.
Gracie passed away at the Children’s Hospice, the same place where her baby brother was born in March.

At the time, the youngster was on a respite care visit at the hospice with her parents, when Lauren went into labour and gave birth toCharlie. His birth was hailed as a ‘ray of hope at a dark time’.
The unexpected arrival of Charlie came as mum Lauren and dad Zak were experiencing their first respite stay at the Children’s Hospice with daughter Gracie, who was 18 months old, and has an inoperable brain tumour.


Nurse Louise was on hand to help before a midwife and paramedics arrived after Lauren went into labour after settling Gracie down to sleep for the night.
Lauren, who was eight days overdue and had been sent home from hospital just that morning after a false alarm, said: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the hospital for helping us so much when Charlie decided to put in an appearance.

“Gracie loves her little brother – the first time she saw him she gave him a kiss and a huge cuddle.”
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