Protesters hits Akron street after Police release bodycam showing Jayland Walker’s death

Buzzshade learnt that Protestors took to Akron streets on Sunday to protest the death of Jayland Walker after Police release bodycam footage showing moment bullets were fired at him.

Jayland died after at least 60 gunshot wounds was inflicted on him by at least 8 Akron police officers.

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Confirming the incident, Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said Jayland was unarmed when officers sprayed more than 90 shots in his direction during a foot chase that occurred on 27th June.

How It Happened

Police attempted to stop Jayland for supposed traffic and equipment violations. However, Jayland led officers on a 4-6 minute car chase. Police said about 40 seconds after Jayland drove away, “a sound consistent with a gunshot” and a flash came from his car. Given the alleged optics, police say they believed Jayland had fired in their direction.

Bodycam Footage Shows Officers Firing At Jayland More Than 90 Times

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According to the bodycam footage, Jayland pulled over and exited the driver’s side but climbed back in when an officer shouted to see his hands. The car slowly moved forward before he left through the passenger side and attempted to flee on foot for about 10 seconds.

According to CNN, the released video contains clips from body cameras worn by 13 officers at the scene. During the chase, Jayland stopped and turned towards the fleet of officers yelling for him to stop and running in his direction. Officers say they believed Jayland was “motioning and moving into a firing position.” So, the officers reacted by firing rounds on rounds in Jayland’s direction.

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The shots didn’t end until after one officer yelled “cease fire” at least three times. Additionally, the blurred footage shows Jayland on the ground as officers continue pumping bullets in his direction. According to the Beacon Journal, Jayland sustained wounds to the face, torso, and upper leg. Additionally, the medical examiner who arrived on the scene following the shooting found Jayland on his back and handcuffed–even while riddled with bullets.

The police chief confirmed the direct involvement of at least eight officers in the shooting. Seven officers identify as white, while one identifies as Black, per The New York Post. The department says none have been involved in fatal shootings during their one to six years on the force.

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Investigations Underway As Jayland’s Family Calls For Peace

Officers later found a handgun, loaded magazine, and apparent wedding ring on the driver’s seat of Jayland’s car. A casing seemingly consistent with the gun was also later found in the area.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has launched an investigation. Meanwhile, Akron police are also conducting an internal investigation. On Friday, news broke that multiple officers involved were placed on paid administrative leave.

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During a news conference following the footage release, Jayland’s family called for justice through due process. Family attorneys said they want answers but urge the public to “give peace, give dignity, and give justice a chance–for Jayland.”

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