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Putting soap under the sheets at night may sound strange – but the effect it has on your health is amazing


We sometimes hear about natural medicines that serve as an alternative to regular and expensive medicines which may harm the body in the long run.

If these drugs work they are the perfect alternative and we will definitely try them. That’s why we had to share with you a new health trick where you put soap under the sheets and it’s supposed to treat a common health problem that affects 10% of people in the western world. It may sound strange, but many people swear it works.

Many people who suffer from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) praise this trick and claim it works great for them. The syndrome affects part of the nervous system that controls our urge to move our legs. It causes an uncomfortable feeling in the legs which usually affects people’s sleep.


This can be a sign of a disease such as Parkinson’s, kidney failure or diabetes which sometimes include symptoms of RLS and treatment of these problems can provide relief from RLS. There are medications that
can aggravate the symptoms and even during pregnancy women can develop symptoms of RLS.

Dr. Oz talked about this natural remedy in his show when he claims that soap with essential oils is the best choice, especially soap with lavender which helps to calm the body while sleeping.

There is no medical evidence to show that it actually works, but there are claims that RLS symptoms are caused by dehydration and low potassium levels. Most hard soaps contain sodium chloride and during sleep
it can be absorbed by the skin.

It may sound unbelievable, but there are many people who have tried it and praise the effectiveness of the method.


“When my mom used soap to relieve leg cramps”, one post said.. “I thought she was deceiving herself. Now I have several soaps with me
every night, and I put them under where it hurts – from head to toe. It works great for me and my husband, and we use all kinds of soap. It doesn’t address the cause of the pain, but it does allow me to sleep at night without suffering pain. It is definitely worth a try”.

Have you tried it before? Feel free to leave your comments and share this information with your friends and family.

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