Queen Elizabeth II: Royal family reveals were you can send Condolence messages and when it will end

Following the death of the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Family has announced mourning and condolence arrangements at the Royal residences.

A recent update shared on the Royal Family’s website shows that there will be no physical condolences for the public to drop their messages and tributes to the late Queen.

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The update said that following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, His Majesty, King Charles III wishes that a period of Royal mourning is to be observed from the time of her passing until seven days.

Date for funeral to be announced soon

It also said a date for the Queen’s funeral will be confirmed by the Royal Family in due course.

The update read in parts:

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“Royal Mourning will be observed by Members of the Royal Family, Royal Household staff and Representatives of the Royal Household on official duties, together with troops committed to Ceremonial Duties.”

In addition, the Royal Family stated that books of condolences can be found online since there would not be any at the Royal Residences across the United Kingdom.

It said:

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“An online Book of Condolence for those who wish to leave messages is available on the Royal website:”

Members of the public are encouraged to drop their messages of condolence and tributes to the late Queen by filling out the form on the provided website.

The details needed for leaving a condolence message for the Royal Family following the death of the Queen include name, email address, location and message.

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Once this is filled out the individual can preview his or her message before submitting to the Royal Family.

Hours before Queen’s death, double rainbow appears at Buckingham Palace, many get emotional

A remarkable event which occured at Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom got many emotional over the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Shortly before the Queen’s passing, a double rainbow appeared at the famous palace as many people who had thronged the location watched in awe.

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While some said it was a sign of good things to come following the health conditions of the Queen at the time, others believed the British monarch had passed to the other side of the bridge.

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