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Red Bull Addict Who Drank 20 Cans A Day ‘Left With Damaged Liver’


Energy drinks have been long notorious as carriers of marketing tactics. After all, how can 1 can of chemicals be useful in replacing lost electrolytes during your workouts, or give you ‘natural’ energy boosts?

One woman living in England finds this out the hard way. Meet Mary Allwood, an 26 year-old mistaken for an alcoholic due to her severely damaged liver and bloated appearance.

Allwood told the doctors that she drank 12 or more cans of Red Bull daily, as she could not live without drinking that amount.


Allwood also to have been reported to spend at least $3,000 yearly on Red Bull alone.

That’s equivalent to 17 bars of chocolate and 15 cups of coffee based on 12 cans’ worth of both sugar and caffeine!

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This all happened in late 2015, when Allwood experienced severe pain in her abdominal area.

Upon inspection, doctors found that Red Bull has caused her liver to expand, now twice the size of what it was before.


Mary Allwood’s life was now in danger.

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The main cause? Allwood’s deadly addiction to Red Bull.

Luckily, doctors and nurses kept her off the drinks during her hospitalization term in the wards.

The addiction slowly kicked off, and Allwood took a period of at least 6 months to recover.

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Now a changed woman, Allwood has lost most of the weight she gained due to energy drink consumption, and is healthier than ever since May 2016.

She advises that people read nutritional labels of drinks before they purchase anything – they could contain unhealthy chemicals or additives that are harmful to our health.

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Doctors advise that energy drinks should be consumed in moderation, on occasional terms alongside a healthy diet with plenty of clear fluids for optimal hydration levels.

Keep your liver healthy by swapping out that Gatorade for plain water!


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