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Redacted Documents in Trump Case Suggest More Charges Could Be Coming

Sensitive documents in the criminal case against Donald Trump have been partially unredacted, but the fact that they are still highly censored suggests that the Department of Justice (DOJ) may be seeking to add more charges or defendants.


This is according to University of Michigan Law Professor Barb McQuade, who appeared on MSNBC late Wednesday night to discuss potential changes to the Supreme Court. McQuade was asked why there is still so much material being covered up in the Trump documents in the Mar-a-Lago case.

She replied that she believes “the real story is what is left that is redacted.” She noted that the grand jury in the case is still continuing its work, which means that there could be additional charges or defendants.


“Ordinarily public documents should be fully unredacted,” McQuade said. “But in order to have them redacted like this, there has to be some legitimate law enforcement reason for it.”

She suggested that the DOJ may be redacting the documents to protect witnesses or lines of inquiry. “Until they finalize and complete the remaining steps in that investigation, I am very curious to find out what it is,” McQuade said.

The redacted documents released so far show that Trump took classified documents from the White House to Mar-a-Lago, where they were stored in unsecured locations. He also showed some of the documents to people who did not have security clearances.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing. He has said that he did not know the documents were classified and that he did not intend to show them to anyone without clearance.


The DOJ has not yet announced whether it will bring charges against Trump. However, the redacted documents suggest that the investigation is ongoing and that there could be more charges to come.

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