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Restaurant manager gave homeless man a job – 24 hours later, she walked in and immediately stopped in place


Even though it’s still a big issue many people try to fix, ‘homelessness’ remains a big problem all over the world, and especially in the United States.

Moreover, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States, 23% of the homeless population are veterans who risked their lives during military service.

George Silvey is one of the thousands of Vietnam veterans who returned home and had a tough time getting used to life after the war.


George positioned himself on a street corner, holding a large sign that he hoped would make people sympathetic to his plight. He wasn’t interested in handouts, he wasn’t asking for free money. What he wanted
was a way to support himself, a job that would help him get back to himself ..

George kept a pile of resumes with him, and was happy to give the resumes to anyone who was looking for a hard worker.

Then, one day, George got the chance he was looking for. A woman passed by and noticed the sign and decided to start a conversation with him. She was so impressed by his motivation and ambition that she
shared the story on social media, along with a request to help him find a job.


“We’ll find you a job”, she told George. “I’ll make sure it happens”.

Fortunately, a few hours later, George received a surprising phone call. Help was on the way.

According to CBS News, George even arrived early for his first shift, even before the manager. His new boss, Summer Gonzalez, was amazed by his motivation.


“He immediately put on his shirt and started working. He’s a wonderful guy”, Gonzalez said.

It makes us happy to see his natural enthusiasm for just making a living. If everyone approached life with the same attitude as George, there is no doubt that we would live in a happier world.

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