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She Rescued a Baby Buried Alive – 20 Yrs Later She Gets an Unbelievable Text

We’re used to seeing unusual and interesting stories on the internet, but here’s one the likes of which I’ve never seen. It’s a roller coaster of emotion starts with an incredible rescue and ends with an unbelievable reunion.


The Incredible Rescue

Back in 1998, Azita Milanian was out for a mountain jog in Altadena, California. She was running with her dogs when one of her pups stumbles upon something peculiar. At first glance, Azita thought it was a dead animal.

Upon further inspection, she realized it was a newborn wrapped in a towel. The tiny baby was hours old as his umbilical cord still attached. She immediately got him to the emergency.


Later the baby was placed for adoption after proper medical care and, sadly Azita was n longer able to contact anyone about the baby. She said she never quit thinking of him and hoped she would meet him someday.

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