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She Thought She Heard Another Woman While Facetiming Her Boyfriend. So She Tried To Smother Their Baby, Cops Say.

A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly put a pillow over her baby’s face after suspecting the child’s father was with another woman, authorities said.

Ashley Diaz, 29, faces a charge of third-degree attempted murder in connection with the incident involving her boyfriend and their 1-year-old daughter, WPLG reported.

On Feb. 7, the boyfriend showed police a video purportedly of a FaceTime call he had with Diaz, police in Homestead said in an arrest report obtained by the station.


According to the report, the boyfriend said Diaz grew suspicious and believed she “heard a lady in the background while they were on the phone.”

The man told police that he was forced during the call to show Diaz “different areas of the property where he was working to make sure there were no women there” and she “was screaming at him and telling him if he did not continue to show her the entire area around him that she was gonna kill [their daughter],” the arrest report states.

According to police, in the alleged video, Diaz appeared to “push and kick” the baby and allegedly placed a “large black pillow” over the infant’s face. “Diaz is seen pressing down on the pillow with enough pressure that the tips of her fingers appear to lose blood flow and turn white.”

The FaceTime video, police said, allegedly showed the child “flailing her arms and legs, possibly due to her not being able to breathe.”


Diaz allegedly told investigators her boyfriend, the baby’s father, was “always degrading her” and that she “would never harm” their daughter and allegedly only made threats about killing her “just to upset” the man, officer said in the arrest report.

According to police, Diaz said she and her boyfriend “always play that way.”

The child appeared to be uninjured during the incident, police said.

Diaz was booked without bond into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, according to WPLG.

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