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Shocking: Dad’s Pants Raise Eyebrows at School Pickup! Teacher’s Reaction is Priceless!

Dad rushes to pick up his six-year-old daughter, Valerie, from school after she had an accident and wet her pants. Ben Summers, a father of 11 children and an associate professor of illustration, knew how important it was to support his daughter in moments like these.

So, on his way to the school, he purposefully splashed water on his pants, intending to show up with wet pants to make Valerie feel more comfortable and less embarrassed.

During an interview, Ben expressed his empathy for his children’s feelings, saying that his heart breaks when his kids feel upset. He wanted Valerie to know that the accident didn’t embarrass him, and it didn’t need to embarrass her either.


When he arrived at the school, he walked up to Valerie, who was sitting down and looking down at the floor. Ben put his arm around her and asked for her backpack, telling her he needed it to cover up the accident. Valerie looked at him in disbelief, but they started laughing together.

Their laughter continued as they left the building and drove home. Valerie felt comfortable joking about the situation, knowing that her dad was not upset with her. Ben’s other daughter, Lucinda, a high school graduate, shared how her dad has always had a great sense of humor.

She recalled a time in eighth grade when he faked a black eye to match her injury. Lucinda proudly shared photos of her dad’s wet pants incident on the internet, showing her friends and her mother, who was still away in Salt Lake City.

Ben’s parenting skills and his gesture towards Valerie gained admiration from friends, family, and internet users. The post about his actions went viral, receiving thousands of likes, comments, and shares.


It even made headlines in various news outlets. However, amidst the attention, the family remained focused on the underlying message behind Ben’s act of support. According to Ben, the motivation behind what he did is common among parents who love their children and are willing to do anything for them.

As the world cheered for the family, Ben and his wife welcomed new members into their family. They had been preparing to adopt foster children, and two years before the viral news, they had taken in two siblings. After discussions with their other children, Ben and his wife decided to welcome two more siblings related to their foster kids.

Ben Summers’ parenting values revolve around being present when needed and providing strong support for his children. His actions show that parenting thrives on empathy, understanding, and going the extra mile for one’s children.

By creating a nurturing environment and being impartial in his parenting, Ben strives to raise successful and happy kids who will grow up to become well-rounded adults.

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