Should an unborn child considered a living person? Don’t answer until you read what happened in HOV lane

Is an unborn child considered a living person or not? This is a question I am trying to get an answer. Something happened recently in HOV lane.

A pregnant woman identified as Brandy Bottone, of Plano, Texas, was driving on U.S. Highway 75 South in the high-occupancy vehicle lane until she was suddenly pulled over by a police officer.

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The police officer told her that to drive in an HOV lane, there needs to be more than one person in the vehicle.

Bottone woman told the Police officer that she is not alone as she is 34 weeks pregnant.

The Police officer asked where the other car passenger was, she pointed to her stomach: “My baby girl is right here. She is a person.”

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The officer told her that both people needed to be “outside of the body.”

When she met with Dallas Morning News she said “One officer kind of brushed me off when I mentioned this is a living child, according to everything that’s going on with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

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“I don’t know why you’re not seeing that,” she told the officer. Her explanation didn’t fly with the officer, who gave her a $215 ticket.

Following the Supreme Court’s controversial overturning of Roe v. Wade last month and the fact that in Texas all abortions are illegal, Should an unborn child considered a living person?

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