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Single Mom Decided to Dress Up as a Dad to Take Part in Her Son’s “Donuts with Dad” Day at School

Parenthood is difficult; it necessitates a great deal of effort, time, sacrifice, and emotion from both parents. It’s considerably more difficult if one parent is absent, leaving a single parent to fulfill both roles.


Regardless of the challenges of doing both professions, we continue to meet exceptional people who do it brilliantly and raise happy children without the assistance of a spouse.

Today’s tale is about a single woman from Texas, USA, who went viral for being an amazing mom.

Yevette is a single mother from Texas who has won our hearts by going above and beyond to ensure the happiness of her son. One day, she was dropping her son, Elijah, off at school.


Image via Yevette Vasquez on Facebook

At the time, Elijah was in sixth grade. On that particular morning, Yevette spotted a large number of cars at the school. When she inquired about the occasion, her kid informed her that it was “Donuts with Dad” Day at school.

In an interview with ABC News, Yevette stated:

“‘What’s going on?’ I inquired. Is there some sort of event I’m meant to be at?’ ‘No, don’t be concerned,’ he says. ‘It’s just Donuts With Dad,’ she says.


“‘How come you didn’t tell me?’ I laughed, adding that I could have dressed up as a male for him.”

“Well, Mom, we’ve got 10 minutes until the bell sounds!” he said.

“When I realized how enthusiastic he was about it, I decided to go ahead and do it.”

Image via Yevette Vasquez on Facebook


Yevette tried on some of her best “dad looks” as the mother-son combo headed back home. She even wore a fake mustache to complete the appearance. Elijah and Yevette then went to school for “Dad with Donuts” Day, which made Elijah very happy!

During one of those days at school when fathers are everywhere, this super mom didn’t let her son feel the lack of a father. Yevette was right there, dressed as a father, supporting her son and making sure he didn’t feel unhappy or inferior to anyone else — it was all very sweet and touching.

On Facebook, Yevette shared an album with the caption:

“Good morning, today at my son Elijah’s skewl as I was dropping him off i ask him why there was so many cars… He said Donuts



with Dad, so we quickly went back home cause I wasn’t about to let him miss out….. I know seeing other dads with there kids isn’t easy for mine but its life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes….. and please don’t hate I know I’m a woman an so do my sons lol #ilovehim#wegettingthemdonuts#noexcuses

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