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Six-year-old boy FALLS 40 feet after zip line harness break


A six-year-old is lucky to be alive after his zip line harness broke and sent him crashing into a man-made lake at an amusement park in the northeastern Mexico state of Nuevo León on Sunday.

The frightening incident was caught on video by the family and shows César Moreno zip lining 40 feet above the artificial lake at Amazonian Expedition in Fundidora Park.

An adult male can be seen sliding up next to Moreno and guiding him along the way when the safety belt suddenly snaps.


The man comes to a full stop and several people in the background scream before the recording ends.

The boy’s sister, Nataly Moreno, revealed on Facebook that a Good Samaritan jumped into the lake to save her little brother from going under and nearly drowned while doing so.

But her brother and boyfriend rushed into the lake and brought them to safety.

She alleged that Fundidora Park did not have the necessary staff in attendance to rescue her brother and the man who attempted to help him.


‘The park does not have people trained for this type of situation, none were there to help get him out of the water,’ Nataly Moreno said.

‘Terrible park, it’s incredible how disastrous things can happen in the blink of an eye. I only thank God that my Cesar is well.’

César Moreno’s relative, Mayra Hernández, claimed that none of the park workers were trained to swim.

‘Thanks to the fact that we were close, we were able to get him to safety since a relative jumped in to get him out of the water,’ she wrote on Facebook.


‘Due to the poor training of the staff, everything could have been worse. The harness burst in the middle of the ride!’

The Nuevo León Civil Protection said in a statement that boy did not suffer any injuries and was able to walk out with his parents and family.

Fundidora Park announced Monday that activities on all of the attractions had been suspended and that they were reviewing the responsibility of the company that operates the zip line ride.

The park management added it ‘will maintain communication with the minor’s family to provide institutional support and deal with everything related to the situation.’


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