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Snoop Dogg’s Daughter fires back at People saying her boyfriend is dating her because of her Celebrity father

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter, Cori Broadus, have taken to Instagram to fire back at People who are criticizing her relationship.

BuzzShade reports that the daughter of one of the greatest rappers from the West Coast have been dating her creative director bae Wayne for a some time now.

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People thinks Bae Wayne intentions towards Cori Broadus is not pure. Some alleged that He is dating her because her Dad is a popular celebrity.

Cori Broadus took to her Instagram story to write a lengthy post while responding to folks who believe that Wayne is only dating the pop singer because of who her dad is.

Y’all love saying a n*gga must like me cause my daddy Snoop Dogg like why can’t he just love me for me… It’s deeper than just being his daughter I’m my own person I’m more the that & I hate that I feel like I gotta go on here & do all this but I been dealing with this sh*t since high school it’s frustrating as f*ck, to have to question if that’s the case. I hate it here y’all f*ckin suck.”

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Some Reactions following Cori Broadus post.

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