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Son, who killed his mother with a sword, left his uncle in critical condition and injured his autistic brother, won’t spend a day in prison after he has been acquitted by reason of insanity!

According to the court documents, the 25-year-old man, Damien, won’t spend a day in jail after he has been acquitted by reason of insanity.


Prosecutors said the 25-year-old son used a sword to kill his 61-year-old mother Helen, seriously injure his uncle, who has cerebral palsy and is bedridden, and injure his autistic brother. Damien’s uncle suffered severe injuries to his face and Damien’s brother suffered injuries to his hand.

On January 16, 2022, the responding officers reportedly found Damien’s mother suffering from severe injuries. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

After the crimes, the defendant fled the scene. Authorities said the 25-year-old man ‘showed no remorse for what he did to his mother, uncle and brother.’ The victim’s family told investigators that they had no idea why Damien did the crimes.


During an interview with investigators, the defendant’s father reportedly said that his son had no known mental health problems and the only entry on the young man’s criminal record was an arrest for minor marijuana possession. Damien’s father reportedly told investigators: “He had started listening to some crazy group of people, like a cult or something.

Evidently, he had sent links to his sisters and were telling them about it, talking about the sun and getting energy from the sun. It was just something he got into four weeks, six weeks ago. I don’t understand it.” Damien’s father also said that his son ordered items including a knife, t0rture-type brass knuckles fitted with spikes, and a poster of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld. “I can’t understand why he would order it unless he was planning to kill us all,” the father also said.

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