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Speech Pathologist Teaches Dog to “Talk” – It’s Spreading to Other Dogs

We’re all used to talking to our dog and we’re pretty sure they understand what we’re saying, or at least what we want. But how would you feel if the dog started talking back?


Christina Hunger is a speech pathologist who realized her new puppy, Stella, was showing signs of wanting to communicate with her. So she did what any speech pathologist would do: she started training her dog to talk.

Christina uses a special set of buttons that Stella can press to say a word, like “outside” or “play” or “water.” She started with only a few but has worked her way up to about 40 words arranged on a board so Stella can press the buttons she needs in order to verbalize what she wants to say.

Christina said she figured someone else had already come up with the same thing but when she searched, she discovered no one had.


Now, Christina is spreading the movement to other dog owners with a book, How Stella Learned to Talk. It’s incredible! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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