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Stepfather and mother of 10-year-old girl, who repeatedly punched the child in the face, made one of her brothers to hit her in the face with a hammer, forced her to do drugs from a straw and then told the child to lie and blame someone else, were sentenced!

According to the court documents, the 27-year-old mother, Chloe, and her 40-year-old husband, Keola, were both sentenced to 20 years in prison after they both pleaded guilty to child abuse.


Chloe’s 10-year-old daughter was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries. Doctors told investigators that the child had multiple injuries, such as: many broken bones, the girl was covered in bruises and burns.

The little girl also had a laceration so deep in her shin that b0ne was visible through the cut.

Doctors also told investigators that the child’s injuries were infected and had not received sufficient medical attention. The little girl was also determined to have suffered from chronic malnutrition.


During an interview with investigators, the 10-year-old child reportedly said that the injuries were inflicted by her uncle. But, her uncle, who was not identified, reportedly told investigators that he saw both the girl’s mother and stepfather hitting the child.

In a follow-up interview, investigators realized that the girl’s mother reportedly told her daughter to blame someone else about her injuries.

During the interview, the p00r child told investigators that her stepfather ‘beat her with different things, such as: machete, crow bar and hammer’. The child also said that both defendants repeatedly punched her in the face. The girl’s stepfather also choked the little girl while holding her body against a door.

During that, he reportedly forced the child’s hand to touch him inapropriately. The girl also told investigators that Keola waterbarded the girl with a bucket, and then set her on fire by pouring alcohol on her and using a lighter to start the blaze. The 10-year-old girl also said that Keola se-ually abused her.


In another interview, the girl told investigators that her mother reportedly broke her nose and burned her leg. The child also said that her mom and her stepfather forced her to do drugs from a straw. She also said that KEola made one of her brothers hit her in the face with hammer.

The victim’s sister told investigators that she had never once seen her mom and stepdad feed her 10-year-old sister. During the investigation process, the girl’s mom and stepdad denied having anything to do with the abuse. The girl’s stepdad reportedly told investigators that he was aware of some of the girl’s injuries but never asked about them.

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