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Stranger Gives Single Mom A Car To Ease Son’s Hospital Visits

Nikole Osani is a single mother who realized that her son was very ill while he was a baby.


Canyon, a sweet little boy who is loved very much by his mother and everyone who is around him, has a tumor in his brain.

Nikole noticed that something was wrong when Canyon started vomiting uncontrollably at times.

She also noticed that his head was rather large for his age and that his eye movements didn’t seem coordinated.


Doctors performed tests and discovered the tumor.

They also discovered that it’s in an area of his brain that is inoperable.

Canyon’s cancer started to spread.

It invaded his spinal cord, forcing the doctors to perform at least six surgeries to try to remove as much of the cancer as possible.


In order to take care of Canyon, Nikole moved in with her parents so that she could save as much money as she could and so that she could focus on his health.

Nikole had another obstacle that she was trying to get over.

She didn’t have a car to take Canyon to his appointments.

She always had to contact other people to try to get them to take her and Canyon to Johns Hopkins Hospital when he needed treatments or if there was any kind of emergency.


People who lived in her town learned about the struggles that Nikole was facing and about Canyon’s health.

Paul Matthews is one of the men who has done more than Nikole imagined to help her and her son.

Paul’s son had leukemia and unfortunately passed away from the disease.

His foundation helps others in their time of need as they deal with their own battles against all types of cancer.


Paul partnered with Cynthia Mowery, both of them helping Nikole with a car so that she would have a way to transport her son when needed.

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