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Student Given Moldy Sandwich After He Forgets Lunch Money

Forgetting your lunch money is never a good thing.Amy Wittaker Anders’ son forgot his lunch money and was given the most disgusting thing ever.

That is green mold all over the sandwich her son was given at school to eat.Didn’t anyone on the kitchen staff notice it was moldy?

Anders posted the picture and said the mold was on the inside too.

school lunch
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Her son was afraid to eat it – but he was given a replacement.

Surprisingly, Anders’ son told her this same thing happened to a friend of his a few weeks before.

The Avon Community School Corporation responded to Anders’ post and said this would not happen again.

They called it an unacceptable human error.

school lunch
Image Credit: N/A

Maybe the kitchen staff is shorthanded, and they need more help.

Bottom line is that the boy didn’t go hungry – the staff gave him something else to eat.

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