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Student Sends Graduation Invite to Wrong Address – Gets a Mysterious Reply From Stranger

After getting an invitation to a graduation ceremony in the mail by mistake, a stranger offered encouragement to a recent graduate.


Last year, when students all over the country bought caps and gowns, completed finals, and posed for senior photographs, one girl prepared to graduate by inviting her family to her graduation ceremony.

She realized she had sent an envelope to the wrong address only after receiving one of her invites back in the mail. The student didn’t just get her own mail with a “Return to Sender” stamp; she also got a nice greeting.


The student learned from the card that the previous occupants of the address had relocated and that the present owners had lost contact with them. However, it did not end there. The woman continued to express her own congrats, including a $20 gift in the card.

The student shared the stranger’s kind deed on Reddit so that others could benefit from it.

“I sent a graduation invitation to my extended family’s old address by mistake.” In exchange, I received this lovely letter (and with $20!)!” she penned

The stranger’s letter went on to praise the student’s academic achievements and offer some words of support.


I admire you for pursuing a job in a STEM profession, even though I don’t know who you are. We need to do a lot of effort to earn our place in science, and I’m glad you’re joining us.


The woman, who admitted to opening the letter by accident, even inserted some personal information in the note to make it more personal.

“As a 35-year-old mother of two, I couldn’t pass up the chance to wish you well. You’re going to be fantastic!” she said.


On Reddit, the responses are as heartwarming.

“It put a grin on my face.” One user remarked, “What a great and thoughtful gift from a stranger.”

One woman generously supported a stranger, despite the fact that she only learned of the success by chance, demonstrating that we do not need to know each other personally to be glad of each other’s accomplishments. The more support we can get, the more we will be able to accomplish individually.

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