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Surrogate mom gave birth to twins, but when the DNA test results came back ‘the doctors were stunned’!

As all parents know by now, having a baby is an amazing experience. But, this experience is also impossible to understand until you are right in the middle of it.


Pregnancy takes a lot of time, effort and pain but in the end, you are creating life where before there was none, and that is an absolutely incredible thing. To give your body to another couple as a surrogate mother is a selfless, loving thing to do.

But, this amazing woman, Jessica, didn’t even think twice about it after having two healthy children of her own with her husband Wardel. The couple who were the beneficiaries of her kind and generous decision could not have been happier, because surrogacy is actually illegal in their country.

This couple would have had no way to possibly have their own biological child if not for her selfless decision.


The single male embryo was planted into her body and everything was going as well as could be hoped for, until around six or seven weeks into the pregnancy when the doctors told her something that shocked her to her core. Jessica was actually carrying two babies, not just the single one – and the doctors believed that they would be born as identical twins.

Doctors told her about the possibility that the embryo could split in two, despite the incredibly unlikely nature of this rare event. She was pretty stunned, considering the parents only wanted one child at first but obviously the situation had to play out naturally so she was completely ready to give away both of these babies.

As often happens in unusual pregnancies, the babies were born through a C-section. Jessica and the true parents were completely expecting two identical twin boys to be born because that’s what the doctors told them was going to happen.

Oddly enough, the boys were born with different skin colors. In fact, they looked nothing alike, and it was hard to even believe that they were brothers from the very beginning. Initially, both babies were given to the Chinese couple because it was assumed that obviously the embryo came from them, and so did the babies.


But the truth turned out to be far more complicated than any of the involved parties could have imagined. A DNA test confirmed that while one of the boys did, in fact, belong to the Chinese couple, the other one didn’t share any DNA with them.

In a biological miracle, she became pregnant twice: once with the implanted baby and again with her own. This is known as superfetation and is an incredibly rare medical phenomenon – so rare that the doctors didn’t even anticipate it despite all of their years of knowledge and expertise. Due to a long and complicated legal process, the family was only reunited with their son Malachi after 10 months.

Despite the troubles he has already faced in his life, Malachi is going to grow up in a home with his true, loving biological parents. “He’s just so smart, so intelligent you know,” Jessica said. “He’s learning fast. He’s got two big brothers to run after and learn from.”

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