Suspected Highland Park shooter Crimo attended Trump rally

BuzzShade learnt that the suspect charged in the deadly Highland Park shooting attended Trump Rally.

According to authorities, the suspect identified as Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, 22 is responsible for the deadly shooting.

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He being charged for killing six and injuring dozens of people during a Fourth of July parade in Illinois.

A photo on Twitter shows that Crimo attended a rally for former President Donald Trump last year.

In the photo posted on Twitter on Monday, the suspect was wearing what appeared to be a “Where’s Waldo?” costume while standing in front of people hoisting Trump and “Blue Lives Matter” flags.

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In another photo which was deleted along with his Twitter account shows Crimo wearing a Trump flag as a cape, appearing to be laughing.

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Meanwhile, Today reports that Highland Mayor Nancy Rotering confirmed Crimo had legally obtained the firearm.

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