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Sysidro Garden Owner Leaks Meghan Markle’s Short-term Lease, Alleges Sold Mansion & Motel Residence Along US 101

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have recently appeared in their first public appearance in three months through a video message for the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund. This initiative is supported by their Archewell Foundation and is dedicated to shaping the future of the responsible technology movement.


The couple seemed happy and relaxed as they spoke to American recipients of the fund’s first grants. In the video, Prince Harry expressed his gratitude to the recipients, mentioning his children, Prince Archie and Princess Lili.

However, some Royal insiders, including Lady Victoria Hervey and Ingrid Seward, believe that the video was staged and designed to counteract the negative press the couple has received in recent months. Hervey claims that the video is merely a PR stunt to improve their public image, adding that it might have been filmed a while ago. She also raises doubts about its authenticity, finding it contrived and fake.

Furthermore, there are suspicions about the location of the video shoot. The fact that they didn’t film at their Montecito mansion led some to question whether they truly own the property. San Ysidro Garden owner, Revalid, suggested that the couple may not actually own the Montecito place, and the mansion could be a motel room somewhere along U.S 101.


There have been discussions on social media platforms, like Twitter and Reddit, pointing to evidence that the video was filmed in San Ysidro, not their Montecito mansion. Some fans found it peculiar that they chose to film outdoors, avoiding indoor shots. An image showing the intricate iron work on the chairs used in the video indicated that the setting might have been rented from a hotel’s garden.

Recent rumors claim that Meghan now stays in Beverly Hills, while Harry resides in West Hollywood, particularly at the exclusive members-only San Vicente Bungalows. There have been reports of a crumbling relationship between Harry and Meghan, to the point that Harry prefers not to be under the same roof as her, despite their spacious Montecito mansion.

Allegedly, Meghan has been enjoying staying at the five-star Beverly Hills Hotel, secretly booking conference rooms for meetings instead of utilizing their large Montecito home. The Duchess seems to prefer the opulent hotel, known for its history with iconic figures like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack in the ’50s.

The video appearance by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has been met with skepticism from some Royal insiders, and speculation about their living situation and the authenticity of their Montecito mansion continues to swirl in the media and online discussions.

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