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Teacher Films Two Best Friends With Down Syndrome Sharing A Cute Dance Together

A special education teacher, Maureen Lawson, was lucky enough to catch a beautiful moment that occurred between two of her younger students on Valentine’s Day.


Maureen teaches at Westwood Elementary School, located in Stillwater. A new student named Sophie was recently placed in her classroom. Sophie, who has Down syndrome, quickly hit it off with another classmate who has the same condition.

Maureen told that she was initially concerned about how well Sophie would adapt to her classroom.

Luckily, Graham is an 8-year-old boy who immediately befriended Sophie, who is 10-years-old.


The pair became close friends and love to spend as much time together as they can while they are in class.

As the year went on, Maureen saw that the two young children had become the best of friends.

She said that they do not like to be apart from one another and will gravitate towards each other whenever they are in the same room.

However, she was a bit surprised to see the two dancing together on Valentine’s Day!


They had never danced with each other before, and Maureen stated that there wasn’t any music playing for them to dance to. They were simply dancing for the fun of it.

When Maureen spotted the two swaying together, she grabbed her phone in order to capture the wonderful bond between the youngsters.

She shared it with her friends and family as a reminder of how friendship and kindness can go a long way.

Check out the adorable video for yourself:


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