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Teacher lost her job after posting comments complaining over her sister’s actions and that she enjoyed being this!

A lot of our attitudes are shaped when we’re young. When our family members or friends express racist opinions, it’s common that we will take on those views ourselves.


The problem is that, unless we do something about it, they can stay with us for a lifetime. It’s normal to want to spend time with people that have the same interests, background, culture and language. It creates a sense of belonging that is really important.

The downside is that it can also set up differences between other groups and, over time, this might lead to us to thinking that our group is better than others.

The 29-year-old black teacher was reportedly fired after posting racist comments on social media under her alter-name Claire complaining over her sister’s actions.


Per reports, the young educator, Daniele, reportedly lost her job after she reportedly posted racist statements on social media that included complaints about her sister dating a white man, along with other incendiary comments, including that I enjoy being a racist, according to the school system and reports.

Shortly after, the ISD released a statement saying that the 29-year-old teacher was no longer with the school after officials became aware of alarming, racist posts she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

‘As of this morning, the employee is no longer a part of the ISD organization and is not eligible for rehire,’ the school system said in a statement, adding officials can’t say more because it’s a personnel matter.

The 29-year-old teacher wrote she was upset her sister was dating a white man and joked that she asked her boyfriend to kill him, according to reports. ‘I enjoy being a racist,’ she reportedly wrote in one post. ‘I’m never changing.’ In other posts, the educator used derogatory words for white people, the newspaper reported.


The teacher — who used the social media name Claire — has deleted her account from the social media platform. The account name appeared to be an alias. The teacher called herself a ‘Black Supremacist’ in her social media account bio and hinted that her job knew about the posts before she lost her job, CBS News reported.

Among the posts, which have been deleted but screenshots continue to circulate on social media, was one that read: ‘A white man??? A good dude?? You smoking crack??’ ‘Why shouldn’t I hate white people? Why should I show y’all any love at all?’ she continued in another post.

‘Name a big historic moment where white people did anything for black people out of the kindness of y’all’s heart?’ ‘I enjoy being racist’, she wrote in one of the posts. ‘I’m never changing.’ ‘Yes. Y’all have found my job.

They told me to delete the post but my job is safe since I did not directly wish harm on ALL white people,’ the teacher stated Monday ‘They laughed and told me to watch what I say and I’ll be good to go!’

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