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Teen Accused in Strangling Death of Ex-Girlfriend While on Graduation Trip

It was supposed to be a fun getaway for a group of friends from Ohio celebrating their high school graduation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. No one expected the vacation to end with one of the graduates allegedly killing another.

Blake William Linkous, 18, is accused of strangling his ex-girlfriend, Natalie Martin, 18, on June 6 before abandoning her body in a hotel room. It was discovered June 7.

He was arrested and charged with Martin’s murder. Investigators are searching for a motive and trying to figure out what prompted the alleged attack.

Linkous and Martin had dated for a long time.

Per the New York Post, Martin’s good friend, Brooklyn Ferrell, told the Sun News Linkous and Martin had been in a relationship for the last several years but had recently broke up. Photos on their Facebook profiles show the couple seemingly happy and smiling throughout the previous several years.

Something suspicious happened at the hotel that night.

Although details about what caused the alleged attack are sketchy, an arrest report obtained by WMBF noted that witnesses led investigators to believe Linkous was the killer.

When police arrived at the hotel, Martin’s body and another injured person were found, according to The News Lamp. That person was taken to a hospital for treatment. Police explained that “suspicious circumstances were detected.”

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