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Teen Sees 13 Girls Standing In Front Of Him After Being Rejected For Homecoming And Laughed At

Asking someone out on a date for the first time can be a challenge. When you are a shy high school student who doesn’t run in the popular crowds, it’s downright scary.


One high school student from Gray, Louisiana, had to deal with this scary scenario recently.

His name is Dakota Nelton. He wanted to ask a friend of his to go to the homecoming dance with him. Since he had never asked a girl to go out before, it was a big moment.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go well.


The girl said no, which was bad enough. But, Dakota had asked in front of their classmates.

At the girl’s negative response, the kids standing around started laughing and mocking the sophomore’s rejected efforts.

Dakota walked out of the crowd of jeering students, just wanting to find a place to hide. “It was actually a pretty tough moment…”, Dakota told a local news reporter.

On top of it all?


One of his classmates caught the entire thing on camera and then posted it to social media.

Strangers from all over the place got to watch this kid’s humiliation for themselves. It only doubled Dakota’s pain.

Dakota came into school a few days later, not knowing what was about to happen.

He got stopped by a group of girls. Each of them had a handmade sign.


Take a look at the video to see how the popular girls gave Dakota a reason to smile.

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