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Texas man leaves 5 grandchildren unattended in ‘trashy’ home for hours as temperatures reached 98 degrees


A 53-year-old Texas man was arrested this week after he allegedly left his five grandchildren unattended for an entire day without food or air conditioning.

Police said that on Monday, as temperatures reached 98 degrees in Harris County, Kevin Turner left his grandchildren inside the “trashy” home without air conditioning or food.

Some of the children, who ranged in age from 9 to 16, left the home and went to a local store where they “were caught stealing food.”


“They were forbidden from running the air conditioning unless the grandfather was there,” Constable Mark Herman said describing the home as “infested with roaches and just…trashy inside.”

Turner has custody of his daughter’s children, Herman said. He was arrested upon arriving at the home on child abandonment charges.

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