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Texas Woman Dreaming Of Boyfriend Cheating ‘Disgusted’ To Find DMs Proving Them True

A woman who spent months having nightmares that her boyfriend was cheating on her claims she discovered the ‘dreams were actually real’ after checking his phone.


Kayla Harvey revealed she dreamt multiple times for months that her boyfriend was unfaithful.

Not sure what that meant, she would confront her boyfriend of six years about it. And he would reassure her each time that they were ‘just dreams.’

Fearing she was ‘going crazy,’ Kayla became desperate to find out the truth. So, she looked through her partner’s phone.


To her horror, she found evidence that he had been sleeping with two women and had countless nudes of them both.

She also discovered that the boyfriend even gave one of them a muffin she had baked.

Kayla explained:

“He swore he wasn’t cheating or even talking to anyone else. He had so many opportunities to just tell me and lied to my face every time. And even let me think I was going crazy.”


“One night, I locked myself in the bathroom and went through his phone. I know I shouldn’t have. But I just had to find out for myself.”

“I remember letting out an audible gasp when I saw the messages. It didn’t feel real. I wanted it to be another dream so badly.”

One of the women had been sexting and exchanging nudes with Kayla’s boyfriend.

They even shared flowing paragraphs about how much they loved each other and what they’d like to do to each other.


In one text, the boyfriend copy-pasted the same apology he had sent to Kayla during an argument.

The second woman’s messages ‘weren’t quite as explicit.’ However, they also revealed how much they loved each other.

The boyfriend had also sent pictures of Kayla’s cooking to the second woman.

In addition, both of the women aimed Kayla in their messages.


Kayla explained:

“I felt terrible when I read everything. And I felt so stupid seeing him tell them all the same things he tells me.”

“I was angry at how they were making fun of me and calling me names when they didn’t even know me or have a reason to feel so ill towards me.”

Despite seeing the incriminating messages, she felt the women also deserved to know the truth.


So, she sent screenshots to each one of them.

Kayla said:

“[The second woman was] more concerned with why I was still with him, which I told her was none of her business.”

Turns out the first woman had a husband and knew all about Kayla. However, she insisted she thought Kayla and the boyfriend had separated.


Kayla continued:

“I just feel like everyone he lied to or cheated on deserves to know the truth. I would’ve liked someone to be honest with me…”

“They’re both mad at my ex-boyfriend now.”

“It’s funny how they were ok with him cheating on me with them, but not cool with him cheating on them with each other.”


Kayla added that her ex-boyfriend’s actions broke her heart.

She said:

“I feel terrible and stupid for not finding out until now. And I’m angry that he lied about it so many times.”

“I’m hurt that he would even do something like that and break our trust. And I’m upset that he couldn’t just break up with me first before having affairs with other people.”


When media outlets contacted Kayla’s ex-boyfriend, he declined to comment on his secret affairs.

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