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Texas Woman Shots Home Invader Dead, Cops Shocked By What Was In His Car

A San Antonio woman was awakened in the afternoon hours to the sound of someone breaking into her home through a bedroom window.


As she reached for her gun and took aim, the home intruder fell where he stood when she put at least one bullet in him. Even though the fatal daytime home invasion was truly shocking, cops were even more horrified by what they found in the intruder’s car.

According to local news source Fox29, 39-year-old James Carney of New Braunfels, Texas, died at San Antonio Military Medical Center on May 12, 2017, after he tried to break into the home of a San Antonio woman who was in bed at the time of the attempted robbery.

Police arrived on the scene to find that Carney had left his 7-year-old son waiting in the car for him, which was parked in front of the intended victim’s home. Little did Carney know, he would not be returning to his son after leaving him alone during the break-in attempt.


San Antonio Police Department Officers stand watch in would-be victim’s driveway.

“She was in bed when someone was trying to climb through the window. She got her gun and shot twice and he is now pronounced dead,” said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus. Grim and disappointed was the look on the Police Chief’s face as he spoke about the young boy they found waiting in Carney’s vehicle. “We’re gonna get help for him,” he said, according to Breitbart.

The consequences of Carney’s decision to attempt a home invasion have not only ended his life but have changed the life of his 7-year-old son forever. The Texas woman who shot Carney as he tried to enter her front bedroom window was defending herself and should not be charged with a crime.


Although the 7-year-old is now fatherless, Carney’s fate was completely a result of his own choices. It may seem harsh, but one has to think about how this young boy’s life can turn out for the better now that he doesn’t have a thug father taking him out on crime ride-along.

This shocking story comes just weeks after another San Antonio woman had to use her firearm to fend off a home invader when he kicked in her back kitchen door as she screamed for him to stop. In that instance, the woman who was home alone opened fire on the suspect who wasn’t taking her very seriously up until that point.

“She shot through the window,” explained Sgt. Michael Oliva from the San Antonio Police Department. “She was probably trying to scare him. We checked and there’s no evidence that he was shot,” he added, according to local news source News4SA.

Oliva said that the suspect took off running and jumped into a vehicle with another male who was waiting for him in the street. Police are still searching for an older model white Mercury Grand Marquis, which they believe to be the getaway vehicle, with damage to both the rear and front bumpers.


This epidemic of home invasions isn’t limited to San Antonio, Texas. It just so happens that most of the scenarios in which the homeowner lives to tell about the tragic incident take place in the Lone Star State where Texans are known for exercising their right to bear arms.

With the rising rate of crime fueled by lawlessness, sanctuary city policies, and illegals flooding our country, the 2nd Amendment will continue to pull its weight and prove that an armed society is a just society.

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