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The End of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle? Furious King Charles’ Final Checkmate Move Destroys Megxit Once and For All

King Charles, the wise and discerning ruler, has taken a drastic measure that’s left the world and the audacious duo of Meghan and Harry stunned into silence. So, let’s rewind a bit and revisit the appalling behavior displayed by these two when they were in the UK. It’s almost comical how little regard they showed for the Queen and the entire royal family.


Harry, once the beloved Prince, sauntered in with an air of arrogance, wearing a mere loose shirt as if the occasion meant nothing to him. Meghan, not to be outdone, failed spectacularly to pay respects on the Queen’s death anniversary, demonstrating a level of insensitivity that’s truly astonishing.

But wait, it gets worse. During the coronation, a momentous event in the royal calendar, they continued their disrespectful spree. Megan didn’t bother attending, and as for Harry, his pitiful presence lasted only a few hours. The lack of respect and care they exhibited towards the monarchy was downright disgusting, and it’s high time they face the consequences of their actions.

And now, the bombshell revelation: 16 weeks after his coronation, King Charles has implemented a revolutionary change in the royal hierarchy. He has redefined the categories within the royal family, designating Meghan and Harry as non-working royals, or more fittingly, as grifters.


They don’t work for anything, not even their own charity organization, which they supposedly champion. Their blatant disregard for their responsibilities is evident, making them nothing more than leeches clinging onto their royal name. But here’s the kicker – Meghan and Harry are now part of a category ominously called “the others,” alongside Andrew. Yes, you heard it right, Andrew, who, despite his past missteps, is treated with preferential treatment over this disrespectful duo.

Andrew was allowed to join the memorial service for the Queen at St. George’s Chapel, while Harry struggled even to gain permission to pay his respects at her tomb. The contrast is staggering, highlighting the extent of their fall from grace.

So, what’s next for Meghan and Harry? It’s clear that they’re desperate to cash in on their royal connections, with Meghan planning to publish memoirs filled with sensationalized stories that tarnish the monarchy’s reputation.

As for Harry, he’s attempting to find his footing in the States, engaging in various endeavors to salvage whatever remains of his relevance. But let’s face the reality – Harry’s ties with the monarchy are severed, and his attempts to establish himself independently are nothing more than a desperate bid for attention.

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