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The music teacher told the children to clap their hands, but pay close attention to the kid in blue

There is nothing more contagious than laughter. You know – when someone suddenly starts to burst out laughing and very quickly everyone laughs too.


For those who laugh easily, this can be quite a healing thing.

A good laugh can brighten your day and those who are around you, which is why they say that laughter is the best medicine for everything.

The video you are about to see has caught the attention of millions of people and we challenge you to watch it without laughing.


The teacher sits in front of the children in kindergarten with a guitar and sings Clap your Hands Together.

It’s a fun kids song so it encourages kids to recognize the rhythm and take an active part in it by clapping hands.

All the kids sitting are cute but the kid in blue steals the show!

The music teacher is playing the guitar when she suddenly stops and forces the children to listen to her carefully. It looks so much fun.


The boy in blue enjoys it so much that when she stops playing, he starts laughing.

At one point he falls to the floor with laughter. He has the most contagious laugh and a simply charming smile.

Unsurprisingly, the child’s sincere happiness spreads throughout the room and before they know it, everyone is bursting with laughter.

No one really knows why, but they are all having fun!


It is impossible not to laugh with him. We loved seeing the friend next to him so happy he was giving him a hug.

As if he’s thanking him for making him laugh. so cute.

Watch the sweet soul in the video below. We are grateful they recorded it on camera.


We could not stop the laughter. This video made our day!

Do all your friends and family a favor and share the video with them. We all deserve to laugh.

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