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The reason why Paloma Cuevas rejected Luis Miguel’s marriage proposal

The designer was forceful with her response and unleashed a flurry of reactions on social networks.


Luis Miguel’s life is always the focus of attention for the media, the public, and his followers who want to know even the smallest detail of the popular Mexican singer’s daily life.

For this reason, the relationship that he maintains with his current girlfriend, the Spanish designer Paloma Cuevas, causes all kinds of fascination on social networks, since the romantic backstage of the Sol de México was always very hermetic.

It is not strange then that Internet users wonder so much about the brilliant ring that Luis Miguel’s girlfriend wears on her hand, which the Spanish media assures is a symbol of the commitment that the couple has made to seal their love.


However, the singer and Paloma Cuevas would be taking things calmly, at least from her side, since they claim that she has said no to marriage, news that caused a revolution among fans of the Mexican performer. This information was revealed by the Magazine.

“She prefers to wait a while for everything to settle. She is delighted, happy, and has a life that does not change for anything, but she has said ‘not for the moment’. They have talked about a wedding, but she now has other priorities,” he said. the journalist Paloma García Pelayo, on the aforementioned channel.

However, she clarified that it would not be a definitive no, since if love continues between them, things could change. However, currently, she prefers to leave everything as she is and not risk breaking the bond that she maintains with Luis Miguel.

On the other hand, the journalist explained that part of the reason would also be the priorities that both have in their lives. On the one hand, the Sol de México is dedicated to her career with its new world tour, which will continue during 2024 and Paloma Cuevas is dedicating a lot of time to her family.


It is worth remembering that before becoming a couple, the designer and Luis Miguel were friends for 30 years. However, he always assured that he was in love with her, but he did not say anything out of respect for the marriage that the woman had with her ex-husband, the bullfighter Enrique Ponce. As soon as they divorced, everything changed and today they are living one of the great love stories of the show.

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