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The song ‘Hallelujah’ started playing – then 12 girls made one move and brought the entire hall to tears

There is something about dancing that we always loved. It is a wonderful kind of art – there is something special about watching people move their bodies to the sounds of music that can’t be compared to anything else.


And the 12 girls below definitely prove it.

Their show stunned us from start to finish – which is why we had to share it with you. We think everyone deserves to see it.

The girls, part of the Whangarei Academy of Dance, stood on stage in white satin clothes and a glittery ribbon on their heads.


Once the music started, we were captived. From the beautiful clothes to their unusual melody, everything connected together in a magical way. The fact that they dance to one of the most beautiful songs ever written, Leonard Cohen’s
‘Hallelujah’, only makes the show much more amazing.

The girls’ show came after months of rehearsals, according to the dance school.

The school from New Zealand says it focuses on the students’ well-being and their passion for dance, and does its best to stay away from the stereotypical competitive energy that other dance schools have.

“We focus on dancing and encouraging children’s development. Our school environment is their family, and we encourage everyone to fulfill their dream and passion. We teach our classes in order to build coordination, fitness, rhythm,
musical sense and self-expression of skills, but also skills like commitment and teamwork”, as written in the school’s website


Watch their mesmerizing show below:

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