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The way you hold your cellphone reveals many details about your personality

This is something we hardly think about, but can reveal things about yourself and how you behave in relationships.


How much do you pay attention to little things like the way you hold your cellphone? Almost never, right? Your cellphone is one of the things you hold in your hand every day. For some, it’s like the phone has become part of the hand
and not everyone holds the phone the same way. Here’s what the way you hold the phone says about your personality.

1. If you are holding the phone with both hands and using your thumbs

It shows that you are the kind of people who are looking for the fastest and most efficient way to do your daily chores. Your friends and family see you as a ‘problem solver’ because you are quick to stand up and always answer the


You are usually the first to have people close to you call when they need something because they can trust you to give the best advice. There are several layers to your personality. You can laugh and turn any situation into a positive
one and at the same time have intelligent conversations with a high level of interest.

Sometimes your efficiency and quick thinking can disappoint you when it comes to your love life. You have learned that conquering someone’s heart is not the same as solving other problems. And eventually you realize that good
relationships need an investment of time and commitment. But worth the wait, when you stay patient (even if you have to force yourself to be), it leads to deep relationships with the right people.

2. If you hold the phone with one hand and use your thumb to scroll

Worrying about ‘What if’ and ‘But’ is not your style. You are always ready to challenge and take the risks that also bring with them the fruits of success. The self-confidence you have in yourself is what helps you take those risks
that others might not have dared.


But taking too many risks in your romantic life may have disappointed you in the past. But it has taught you not to rush and make hasty decisions. You have learned to wait and slowly open up, but once you see that you and your partner
have learned to trust each other, then you are ready for a stronger and deeper commitment and give your all to this relationship.

3. If you hold the phone with one hand and scroll with the index finger of the other hand

You take your time to get to know people before you decide to open up. Sometimes, you may look a little disconnected but once you feel comfortable, you express yourself without hesitation and people get to see your wonderful side. But
taking time and being alone with yourself is also very important to you.

It also means that you are not the type of person who takes the first step when it comes to romance. Sometimes you are ashamed to take the first step, and people may think it is because you are not interested. You find that you have
to push yourself to go and talk to someone who interests you, but when you do, you are pleasantly surprised. It is also important for you to be with someone who loves you thanks to who you are and knows that you need time together but
also time for yourself.


4. If you are holding the phone with both hands but using only one thumb to scroll

Sometimes you can be a perfectionist and pay close attention to details: which can be very helpful and allows you to stand out and succeed even in difficult situations. You are not the kind of people who go by what they see on the
surface and that makes you people who know how to recognize other’s character.

When it comes to your love life, wanting things to be perfect can hurt you. You may be too picky when looking for a partner, or you may be stressed when the perfect date did not meet your expectations. Eventually, you have learned
to be more relaxed in relationships and you are more fluid as you try to plan every little detail. The right partner can show you how much fun it can be when you choose to be spontaneous and not go by the book.

So how do you hold the phone? Tell us in the comments below.

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