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The wife thought her husband smelled strange, so the doctors revealed the hard truth


When she was little, Joy realized she had a very developed sense of smell. But it wasn’t until she was older and married that her “superpower” became clear to everyone.

When her husband Les was 45 years old, Joy smelled something very bad from him. Les was a regular exerciser, so at first both Joy and the doctors thought Les’s smell was the result of sweat.

But Les gained weight and became more and more tired, and Joy realized that the smell coming from her husband was probably the result of something else..


Six years later, the couple discovered the terrible truth in a hospital in England.

The doctors informed them of the difficult diagnosis: Les suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

Joy and Les joined different groups and met different people suffering from the disease. Joy immediately smelled the same strange smell in all the meetings she took part in.

“I could smell it in the room around me”, Joy said.


Researchers at the university doubted Joy’s ability to smell Parkinson’s disease.

Of course, dogs and cats can smell disease, but researchers have never been able to determine that humans can smell disease.

But then the researchers conducted an experiment for Joy, and she passed it with great success

Researchers now believe that Parkinson’s disease can cause subtle changes in the skin’s natural fluids.


Thanks to Joy, a team of researchers will hopefully be able to develop a test that will help people with Parkinson’s receive a diagnosis at a very earlycstage of the disease.

Unfortunately Les passed away a few years ago. But we all hope that Joy’s discovery will help many Parkinson’s patients in the future.

There is no cure for Parkinson’s yet, but we hope that this discovery will make a difference in the future. Share the story with your friends and family if you agree!

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