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Thieves Try To Rob Man, But He’s A Retired Police Captain With A Gun

When multiple thieves approached a man at a gas pump and tried to rob him, they likely thought they had the upper hand. They quickly learned otherwise, however, when their victim turned out to be a retired Oakland police captain with a gun, and it was all caught on video.


Ersie Joyner, a well-known retired Oakland police captain, became the subject of a Bay Area armed robbery while getting gas.

Luckily, the 28-year police veteran — known for implementing a successful anti-violence program in the city — was able to fend off the criminals attempting the same type of violent crime against him that he fought for decades to end, The Blaze reported, and it was all caught on video.

As seen in the graphic surveillance video, which quickly began circulating online, three thieves approach a man at gunpoint at a Chevron gas station in West Oakland. Unbeknownst to them, that man is Ersie Joyner, and the former law enforcement officer was prepared to defend himself as they’d quickly learn the hard way. The footage may be difficult for some viewers to watch:


As seen in the surveillance camera footage, the criminals appeared to surround the retired police captain, demanding he hand over the keys to his vehicle. When one of the thieves opened the back door of the vehicle, Joyner apparently decided enough is enough as he discreetly pulled out his firearm and opened fire. After striking and killing one of the suspects, Joyner ran around the pump and took aim at the others.

Unfortunately for him, one of the suspects was able to return fire, reportedly hitting Joyner multiple times and dropping him to the ground. As Joyner is seen trying to crawl to safety, the two criminals who are still standing attempt to pull their accomplice into their car.

Apparently realizing their efforts are in vain, the two suspects leave their wounded accomplice behind, fleeing the scene without him. In total, at least four criminals were involved in the attempted robbery, including a getaway driver.

Police — who were reportedly alerted to the shooting by the city’s ShotSpotter system, which uses acoustic sensors to detect gunshots and alert law enforcement in real-time — arrived at the scene to find Joyner and the downed suspect suffering from gunshot wounds. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, but thankfully, Joyner was alive.


The former police captain, who had retired after nearly three decades in law enforcement, was transported to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery and was listed in critical but stable condition. Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong confirmed that Joyner was legally permitted to carry a firearm.

During a news conference regarding the shooting, Armstrong decried the incident as yet another example of the violent crime overtaking the Bay Area after the city had been rocked by significant increases in shootings, carjackings, and homicides.

“This highlights the violence that we’ve seen in this city this entire year. We have seen so many tragic situations. We have seen so many people lose their lives as a result of violence,” Armstrong said. “This again shows us how brazen individuals involved in this activity can be.”

Brazen, indeed. These men approached their intended victim in broad daylight at a gas station, most of which are known to have surveillance cameras. Neither the light of day or the threat of being captured on camera deterred them. But, a good guy with a gun did.


When the target of their violence exercised his Second Amendment rights, the suspects scattered like cockroaches. This is exactly why so many law-abiding American citizens have chosen to arm themselves. When criminals have guns, their would-be victims have every right to defend themselves with the same force.

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