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This 24 Year Old Woman Made Her Dreams Come True by Having 22 Children

Love can be found in a variety of forms all around us. We already published a tale about a woman who refused to have children; this one will be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Kristina Ozturk, a woman who has always wanted a large, happy family and now has 22 of her own, is the subject of today’s story.


“I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid.” My husband wished for a large, joyful family as well.”

Kristina Ozturk, a native of Russia, adores children. She thought about having her own family, a large family full of wonderful memories. It’s time for some dreams to come true! Kristina met someone who wanted the same thing in his life as she did. Galip, a 57-year-old businessman. They met while on vacation in Batumi, Georgia, and quickly clicked after learning about their mutual dream.

“So, after we met, we got to work on realizing our dream.” “Not only has our romantic relationship changed, but our entire lives have changed as well.”


Kristina gave birth to her first kid when she was seventeen years old. And that was only the start! She and her spouse chose to continue surrogacy to expand their family. Nothing can stand in the way of two people who share the same purpose, as this couple demonstrated.

“Our surrogacy clinic is astounded, but delighted to assist us in realizing our dream of having a large family.”

We believe in love at Relationship Rules. And the most natural expression of love is birth. It’s a lovely process that should be cherished. Kristina and her husband spent almost £138,000 on their quest for a large family, and their first surrogate kid was born last year!


“Every day is different, from scheduling workers to shopping for my family.” I can assure you that my days are never dull.”

The Nannies are also overjoyed!“Essentials for all the kids cost around £3,500 to £4,200 per week.” “Occasionally a little more, occasionally a little less.”

Managing such a large family, of course, takes time, effort, and money. Most new parents find raising one child stressful; we receive a lot of mail from new parents expressing the mental and physical toll it takes on them – and that’s entirely natural.


Kristina spends all of her time with her family, and she is assisted by nearly 16 nannies at the surrogate clinic. And they’re all members of the family, which adds to the beauty of the story.

Kristina currently wishes to spend time with her children, but she intends to have another natural delivery in the future. We wish her every success in her endeavors; more power to you, Kristina!

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