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This Boy Died Because Cruel Nurse Stole His Life-Saving Medicine

In Allegan, Michigan, Ryley Maue died on August 26, 2016, from a catastrophic seizure that was related to cerebral palsy. The nurse who was taking care of Ryley is being investigated.

Ryley had a prescription for liquid Valium. Ryley had the Valium to help control (to lessen the severity) his seizures.

nurse steals medicinenurse steals medicine
Image Credit: Toni Ward / Facebook

The investigation revealed that Ryley didn’t have enough Valium. An autopsy showed that his Valium had been replaced with another liquid – water. The watered down medication did nothing to help stop the seizure that ended his life.

nurse steals medicinenurse steals medicine
Image Credit: WoodTV

The nurse who is being investigated is an LPN (Licensed practical nurse). The same nurse is under investigation for a similar case involving a child in a nearby county. This woman was stealing drugs from her patients.

She calls herself a nurse? Tony Ward, Ryley’s mom, said that before his death, Ryley had learned to sit up and roll over. They were excited about his progress. Ryley’s older brother also has cerebral palsy and takes liquid Valium to control his seizures.

nurse steals medicine
Image Credit: Toni Ward / Facebook

Ward said she has used two different in-home care nurses. One would watch Ryley during the day, and the other would sit with him at night. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a neurological disorder that is caused by a malformation or non-progressive brain injury, according to CerebralPalsy.

Children with CP have a hard time with muscle control and coordination. Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and oral motor functioning may also be affected. There is no cure, and it is a permanent condition.

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