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This husky dog was acting tough. But look what happens when the baby approaches him..

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘Man’s best friend’ more than once in relation to dogs. And maybe you were lucky enough to experience this sentence firsthand. But did you know that studies have shown that dogs have been man’s best
friend for 16,000 years? Yes, it’s been a long time.. and for good reason.


All this time together with humans has created a very special bond, and the video below is a wonderful example of this love.

Look how the baby gets closer and closer to the husky dog who at first glance doesn’t really seem happy with the whole thing. The dog doesn’t know how to behave at first, but the moment they both become the best friends in the world
will melt your heart.

The best part is at 18 seconds when the dog decides that the baby doesn’t bother him at all. on the contrary..


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