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Top Trump election denier, Jeffrey Clark Defends His Legal Prowess After Being Portrayed as “Having Lost His Mind”

Jeffrey Clark Defends His Legal Prowess


Former Justice Department attorney Jeffrey Clark defended his legal prowess on Monday, saying that he was unfairly portrayed as having “lost his mind” after working to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Clark, who is facing disciplinary proceedings by the District of Columbia Bar, complained to podcast host Steve Bannon about the way he had been “painted” by his critics.

“I could see that there were all kinds of problems and that the election system was essentially under attack,” Clark told Bannon. “And you had Bill Barr before the election, you know, pointing out that mail-in ballots are very dangerous, right? So I knew all that. I also knew about the Zuckerberg efforts, right? And, you know, the Justice Department has a lot of different tools at its disposal.”


Clark pointed out that the Trump administration never investigated election contributions from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“So I was painted as, you know, somehow, you know, he has lost his mind,” he ranted. “The other thing they did, which is particularly irksome to me, Steve, at the January 6th hearings about a year ago, is, you know, they painted me as, you know, not understanding anything about various areas of the law, which, you know, is particularly rich given that I was the only assistant attorney general who simultaneously ran two divisions.”

Clark, a former environmental lawyer, said other members of the Justice Department were given more authority than him.

“And me, who is actually a legal expert on a lot of different topics, was painted as if I didn’t know anything other than about oil spills,” he griped. “That’s become a big meme I get hit with on Twitter every day is, we’ll call you when there’s an oil spill.”


Clark’s comments come as he faces disciplinary proceedings by the District of Columbia Bar for his role in the Trump administration’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The bar is investigating whether Clark violated professional conduct rules by making false statements and engaging in improper political activities.

Clark has denied any wrongdoing. He has said that he was simply trying to do his job and that he was not involved in any conspiracy to overturn the election.

The disciplinary proceedings against Clark are likely to take several months to resolve. In the meantime, Clark is free to continue practicing law.



Jeffrey Clark’s comments are a clear attempt to defend his legal prowess and reputation. He is trying to paint himself as a victim of unfair portrayals by his critics. However, his comments are also likely to be seen as evidence of his lack of judgment and his willingness to bend the law to suit his own political goals.

It remains to be seen whether Clark’s disciplinary proceedings will result in any sanctions against him. However, his comments are likely to damage his reputation and make it more difficult for him to practice law in the future.

Watch the video from Real America’s Voice at this link.

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