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Tough Time For Pelosi After Jim Jordan Provides This Details On Jan. 6 In Letter To FBI’s Wray

Jim Jordan’s recent letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray has stirred discussions surrounding the events of January 6, 2021, shedding light on the use of confidential human sources (CHS) by the FBI.

According to a report by Conservative Brief News on Saturday, September 30, 2023, this correspondence suggests not only the presence of CHS during the Capitol riot but also raises concerns about the extent of control the FBI had over these sources.

In a letter that has garnered attention and political implications, Jordan’s message touches upon several critical aspects. First and foremost, the letter implies that the FBI had prior knowledge of CHS involvement during the events of January 6.

This revelation is based on the testimony of former Assistant Director-in-Charge Steven D’Antuono, who indicated that the bureau was aware that certain CHSs would be present at the Capitol on that fateful day.


This testimony underscores a level of premeditation or awareness within the FBI regarding the unfolding events. However, what is perhaps most concerning is the indication that the FBI may have struggled to adequately track and control its CHSs during this period.

The Washington Field Office (WFO) reportedly requested assistance in identifying CHSs involved in the events, but this request came after the fact.

This suggests a significant gap in real-time monitoring and control, potentially raising questions about the effectiveness of the FBI’s informant management.

The letter also indirectly hints at the possibility of organized elements and infiltration during the Capitol riot. It references distinct groups, including plainclothes militants, agents-provocateurs, fake Trump protesters, and disciplined, uniformed attackers.


The implication here is that these groups may have been working in a coordinated manner, which could point to a more organized and planned operation than initially perceived. Moreover, Jordan’s letter cannot be viewed in isolation from the broader political context.

It mentions the finger-pointing that has been prevalent in political discourse surrounding the events of January 6. Notably, Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, have placed blame on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for what they perceive as security failures.

This political context adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions about the Capitol riot. Furthermore, the letter makes reference to prior reporting by The Federalist, which highlighted the suspected presence of “infiltrators” in the crowds attending then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” speech near the Capitol on that day.

This suggests that concerns about infiltration and organization have been circulating for some time.

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