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Tragic End for Cop: 7 Months After Suspect Spit in Her Face, Police Unveil Startling Cause of Her Death

This cop died seven months after a suspect spat in her face. Then police revealed a startling cause. As a police officer, Irena Coltsova often dealt with unruly suspects, and so when one detained the spat in her face, she simply carried on as normal.

Tragically, though, the policewoman wasn’t to know how that moment would lead to her untimely death. Just seven months later, Coltsova lived in the capital city of Kyiv in Ukraine, where she worked as a police officer. It was, Moreover, a demanding job that often required Coltsova to detain suspects on the city’s streets.

One such incident occurred on New Year’s Day 2016, called Silver and her partner, Officer Michael Kindrakovic, had been patrolling the streets when something caught their attention. They believed that a man nearby was breaking the law, so the two cops made their way over to the suspect to arrest him.


When the officers arrived at the scene, however, the man refused to give up without a fight. In fact, a violent struggle between culture and the suspect soon ensued. As the moments passed. Culture continued in her attempts to restrain the man but has simply aggravated him.

And then, without warning, the suspect spat right in the female officer’s face
Although presumably disgusted, Culture decided to carry on with her work. After all, she had a long day ahead of her policing Kyiv’s New Year’s Day activities soon. In fact, she’d forgotten the incident completely.

Now back to the story
Nevertheless, in the weeks that followed, Cult Sova began to feel unwell and yet showed the utmost determination. The officer still turned up to her work each and every day. Then, however, something worrying happened. Recalling the shocking turn of events called Silva’s partner Kendrakovitch linked everything back to the incident.

On January 1, she became ill after New Year’s Day, she had arrested this guy in a spat in her face, he told The Daily Mail. And sometime later she collapsed after her collapse.


Doctors diagnosed called Sophia with tuberculosis TB unbeknownst to the policewoman. The suspect she detained on New Year’s Day had contracted the disease, so when he spat on her, Sova must have caught it. Tb is highly contagious and spreads via sneezing and coughing.

The infection typically attacks the lungs, and symptoms include a bad cough that won’t go away in an unexplained drop in weight. Some sufferers also experience night sweats, fatigue, neck swelling, and a reduced appetite. Once someone inhales TB bacteria, it travels into the lungs and for the first six weeks, it will appear to lie dormant.

After that, however the bacteria can make their way into the bloodstream. Yet frequently the human immune system is able to battle TB on its own, and the dormant infection won’t lead to further illness. This is known as latent tuberculosis. That said, 10% of latent tuberculosis cases will develop into an active strain that can spread to other organs and is potentially deadly. In fact, if untreated, half of those with this type of illness will die as it grows and destroys the lungs in the process. In most cases, tuberculosis is treatable.

However, treatment can be a long process that takes anything from six months to two whole years to complete, and it is crucial that during this time, patients stick to their medication schedule and receive every dose.


In called Sova’s case, doctors decided to use chemotherapy to treat her TB because although people often think of chemotherapy as a cancer treatment, medical practitioners also use short rounds of the regimen to treat TB. Unfortunately, however, the side effects of the chemo ravaged called Sova’s body, the treatment sapped the police officer’s immune system and she began to lose weight.

Looking gaunt and frail with her long blonde hair had also fallen out. The sight of his partner looked so weak shot, Khan Dragovich. She’d received treatment, he later recalled. She underwent chemotherapy. She was fed food through an IV drip and she lost a lot of weight.

Sadly, Moreover, the treatment came too late to save the cold Sofa. In July 2016, she passed away, and the tragic news devastated all those who loved and respected the dedicated young police officer.

Following her death, the Kia Police Department took to social media to pay tribute to the fallen calm.


This is an irreplaceable loss for the whole of Kia police to post-read fond memories of the arena will remain in our hearts forever. Meanwhile, an unidentified friend spoke candidly of her commitment to her job. Arena wanted to change something for our country, they said joining the police was a conscious choice.

She wanted to change things for the better. It’s unclear whether authorities charged the man who spat at Kosovo. Either way, though, nothing will ever bring her back, and not only has her family lost a loved one, but Kyiv has lost a fine police officer.

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