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Trump’s Claim That the Espionage Act Doesn’t Apply to Him Is a Sham

Trump’s Argument Against Espionage Act Indictment Is Flawed

Former President Donald Trump is arguing that the Espionage Act indictment against him for his Mar-a-Lago classified document stash is illegitimate because the law does not apply to him. However, former prosecutor Andrew Weissman says that Trump’s argument is flawed.


The Espionage Act is a broad law that criminalizes a wide range of activities related to national security, including the unauthorized possession of classified information. Weissman points out that the title of the law does not necessarily dictate its scope. For example, the RICO statute is often used to prosecute organized crime, but it can also be used to prosecute other crimes, such as drug trafficking.

In Trump’s case, he is accused of improperly, knowingly, and intentionally retaining national defense information. This is one of the things that the Espionage Act criminalizes, regardless of whether the person accused of the crime is a spy.

Weissman says that Trump’s argument is a “demeaning way of pandering to his base.” He argues that there is no legal basis for Trump’s claim that the Espionage Act does not apply to him.


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Andrew Weissman says Trump is “playing a shell game”

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